About Stout

This project is not currently maintained and will be refactored. If you are interested in STOUT, join the discussion on our dev list.

The Subject Tracker for Online User Testing (STOUT) is a content management system for formal human performance experimentation. STOUT presents tools and operational tasks to each participant. In doing so, it collects:

  • an intake questionnaire to assess the user’s background and experience as an analyst
  • operational task performance and confidence in responses i.e. did they get the right answer? How sure are they?
  • subjective feedback (did they like how the tool worked?)
  • screen captures
  • physiological response, which help infer operator workload (how hard did they work?).

The STOUT system provides human-subjects testing experiment administrators with a flexible tool for managing and tracking user progress through a series of online tasks. The STOUT system was designed to help collect information about the utility of online applications.

Who is STOUT for?

This package is for developers. A framework has been built but many features and additions can still be added.

This package is also for experiment administrators. This system can be used immediately to conduct new evaluations of online applications.

For more information

STOUT was built using Django 1.6. For more advanced developer information or instructions on how to setup your own system, consult the documentation for Django here.